Saturday, September 27, 2008

iPhone Fanboy Dupe, or Desperately In Need of Patience?

I have had Cosmovox up on the App Store since September 8th, almost 3 weeks.   While I have the ability to obsess over the server logs of Leisuresonic, I don't have access to any, real or estimated, sales data from the Apple App Store.  Apple claims that it provides Daily and Weekly Sales/Trend reports for App Store publishers.  While other developers say they have access to them,  I sent a request to activate these reports (which are inconveniently disabled by default) nearly 2 weeks ago, and have received no response from Apple.   I was excited yesterday when I checked my email to see a mail from Apple, but they were finally answering a different question that I had actually forgotten about which I had asked 3 weeks ago! 

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